Passion for Mazda’s

Completely Satisfied
Please share this comment(s) to the folks at King Mazda in Saint John, NB. Last week was the first time I ever entered King Madas’ dealership, in fact it was the first time I was ever in a Mazda showroom. I was initially drawn to the vehicles because of the incredible warranty that was advertised on the radio (yes I still listen to the radio). Upon entering the dealership I was warmly greeted and everyone seemed genuine in their passion for Mazda’s. Coming from the Volkswagen world I understand and appreciate people’s passion for performance. I was introduced to Robin Trim who described in great detail the reasons why Mazda’s are a premium product. After a great discussion we took a Mazda 3 out for a Drive. I was pleasantly surprised by the engine, transmission, suspension and safety features. Robin actively listened to all my questions and politely responded with solid answers. After agreeing to view pricing in more detail I was introduced to Mark Parks. I felt that Mark was incredibly professional, open and fair in his dealings with me. I realize that dealerships have to make money – but I thought he negiated in good faith and wanted me to get a fair deal. Mark then introduced me to the unforgettable Amanda. Her passion for life was only matched by her passion for Mazda. Amanda was precise in her dealings with me. She was engaged with every detail. She VERY knowledgeable about about the products and delivered everything I needed. I am more than happy to recommend King Mazda to others. Thank you