When Japanese automaker Mazda introduced SKYACTIV technology, the manufacturer proved to the world that it was possible to optimize and improve the traditional gasoline engine. Now, Mazda is back with SKYACTIV-X, the next generation of its famous technology.

The first-generation SKYACTIV used two simple principles to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. The idea was to make the engine more efficient in every situation while reducing the weight of its main components.

SKYACTIV-G engines therefore benefited from reduced internal friction and in addition a less restrictive exhaust and a very high compression ratio that removed a maximum of energy from the mixture of air and gasoline in the cylinder. With SKYACTIV-X, it’s basically the same principle, but improved.

The SKYACTIV-X engine is even more fuel efficient

For starters, the compression ratio of Mazda’s SKYACTIV-X engine increases to 16: 1. That’s a very impressive compression ratio, and it’s enough to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder without a spark plug. It’s really the same thing as what you would find in a diesel engine.

In other words, simple compression activates the air and gasoline that are mixed in the cylinder. That said, there is still a sparkplug to ensure perfect performance even when it is cold or the conditions are not optimal. On the other hand, when the engine is running and at its peak state, compression alone activates the mix, which results in impressive efficiency.

This is the same principle as a diesel engine as mentioned above, and the result offers features that recall what we find in a diesel. For example, the SKYACTIV-X engine is able to reduce fuel consumption by 20% while also increasing torque.

On the other hand, since there are still sparkplugs there is no risk of explosions or engine knock like you would find in some diesel engines.

The SKYACTIV-X engine proves that it is still possible to improve the fuel consumption of a gasoline engine while improving its performance without the need for electrification or a hybrid engine.

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