Will the New Mazda RX-9 See the Light in Tokyo?

Will the New Mazda RX-9 See the Light in Tokyo?

Whisper the letters RX to any automotive enthusiast, and you are more than likely to see their eyes light up. No question about it, the Mazda RX-7 was a legend and the car that followed, the RX-8, also had quite the following. And now, a new model is about to join the fray as it appears Mazda’s brass has given its approval for a Mazda RX-9 which could be unveiled at next year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

A New, Very Powerful Engine for the Mazda RX-9

According to numerous reports coming from Japan and Australia, the Mazda RX-9 will be officially unveiled in concept form at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show while the production model will be unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda RX-9 would be a 2020 model and will be powered by a 1.6L, four-cylinder engine that will offer up to 400 horsepower thanks to a turbocharger. The weight will be kept at a minimum and won’t exceed 2,800 pounds, according to early reports.

In terms of design, the 2020 Mazda RX-9 will closely resemble the spectacular RX-Vision concept unveiled last October.

Granted we can’t be sure if any of this is actually true until we get a confirmation from Mazda. What is sure, however, is that there will eventually be a Mazda RX-9. The question is just when. In the meantime, contact us today, and come check out the complete range of new 2017 Mazda vehicles today at King Mazda!